A premier institution for technical education, empowering Cabuyeños by providing competencies, skills and values essential for self-improvement and community development.


To provide relevant, updated and competitive technical education and vocational training anchored on the needs and demands of the industry as well as the labor market in general.


The School of Technical Vocational Education was created by Board Resolution No. PNC-2008-12 on February 26, 2008 by the Board of Regents. It aims to help Cabuyeños and even Non-Cabuyeños to develop skills, competencies and values that can improve self and develop community for its sustainability with a minimal fees on different programs.

The Department in pursuit to excellence continue to upgrade the different program offerings by updating its curriculum in accordance with the Training Regulation issued by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

Core Values

  • We place God above all
  • We strive for a Christian-like leadership and management
  • We strive for passionate and excellence service
  • We strive quality teaching both in academics and skills
  • We strive for a strong industry partnership
  • We strive for socially responsible Tech-Voc education in the Country
  • We strive to produce globally competitive graduates.

Program Offerings

Course Permit No.
Automotive Servicing NC I201504031280
Bookkeeping NC III201504033279
Caregiving NC IIWTR 0804A022127
Cookery NC II201504032278
Electronic Product Assembly Servicing NC II201504032281