A committed office in the university that will ensure that PnC lives up to its university status by producing relevant researches, engaging in research-based extension programs, and crafting development-oriented plans for the university.


To build and sustain a research culture by making enabling policies and programs, providing grants and other financial support, and ensuring the building up of capacities of the university researchers.


  1. Provide strong and committed leadership in strategic planning, research, and extension programs for the university.
  2. Assist the university in allocating internal and in generating external resources to support its research and extension programs.
  3. Create sustainable linkages with the LGU and its branches as well as with the industry to promote the research and extension programs of the university.
  4. Establish the continuing education and capacity building program for the university researchers to address quality of work.
  5. Monitor the effective and efficient conduct of researches and ensure their implementation and utilization for community development.


Research is one of the major functions of higher education. Thus, Pamantasan ng Cabuyao (PnC) requires its faculty members and students to be actively engaged in research to ensure the continued growth and development of PnC as an institution of higher learning.


Being a local university, PnC grounds in research principles on the very essence of its creation, existence, and operation – that of being a local institution of higher learning designed and operated to meet the needs and demands of the very local community where it belongs. As such, PnC research shall be guided by the following core principles:

  • The university shall be the research arm of the local government of Cabuyao, assisting in its program designs, policy directions, and development initiatives for social transformation.
  • The university shall be an active partner of the industry, principally those located within the city, in its pursuit for meaningful innovations through collaborative engagements for research and development.
  • The university shall develop the full potentials of its teachers and students as well as its non-teaching personnel in doing research that meet international standards and pass high-level critical peer review process.
  • The university shall support through funding, incentives, policies, and programs the research undertakings initiated inside the university or collaborated with external partners.
  • The university shall secure the welfare of the researchers as regards fairness in authorship and attribution and in protecting their rights as regards intellectual property.

Research in the university shall also be guided by the following general principles set by the Higher Education Research Agenda (NHERA) of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED):

  1. Research is the ultimate expression of an individual’s innovative and creative powers. PnC shall ensure that the academic environment nurtures and supports research.
  2. Research thrives in an environment characterized by free flow of information, honest and analytical exchange of ideas, and supportive policy and administrative structures. PnC shall enhance the institutional and the individual capacities to conduct independent, collaborative, and development-oriented research.
  3. Research is one of the functions of higher education sector. PnC shall lead the conduct of discipline-based and policy based researches as well as technology-directed and creative researches that are responsive to the local needs and globally competitive.


The university being a locally-funded institution anchors its agenda principally on the local development agenda of the local government of Cabuyao. This is to support the LGU and to make the research thrusts of the university relevant to the needs of the community. As such, the following agenda shall be adopted by the university:

  • Community Health and Wellness
  • Quality Education in All Levels Including Lifelong Learning
  • Local Governance and Administration including Barangay Governance
  • Social Capital, Livelihoods, and the Local Economy
  • Industry-Academe Initiatives and the Urban Systems and Challenges
  • Other research agenda as determined by the university and the LGU