Library Services

Readers Services

  1. Reference Section – involves a systematic method in providing correct information to the reader. It consists of decision-making steps starting from the receipt of an information request to communication of an answer.
  2. Periodical Section – provides information file of local and foreign magazines, journals, newspapers, pamphlets, and bound issues of magazines and journals.
  3. Circulation Section – serves as the loan desk where borrowing and returning of all library materials are done
  4. Filipiniana Section – books about the Philippines and its people regardless of authors
  5. Graduate Section – collections of books for the graduate students; research projects, theses (undergraduate and graduate level)
  6. Orientation Service – familiarize students and teachers on how to use the library and its resources.

Technical Services

  1. Acquisition Section – handles the selection, ordering, and procurement of books, periodicals, and other library materials
  2. Cataloging Section – takes care of the bibliographical description, classification, and mechanical processing of the materials

Auxiliary Services

  1. Viewing Section – houses and circulates audio-visual materials. Students may request and fill-out RESERVATION FORM before viewingany audio-visual materials.
  2. Photocopying Section – enables the students to photocopy some parts or sections of the materials; however, the university does not allow photocopying of some books, journals, and materials in compliance with the Intellectual Property Rights Law and Publication Law of the Philippines
  3. Depository Section – students are required to leave their bags, umbrellas, and other materials that are needed inside the library at the depository section.
  4. Current Acquisition Information Section - disseminates information on recent material acquisition to the university constituents.
  5. E-Library Section – provides services to library users on the use of CD-ROM, internet, and other materials on electronic format
  6. Tabuko Section – depository and discovery corner on the history of Cabuyao; serves as a section for Cabuyao Community Life (CCL) subject