Library Rules and Regulations

The following are the established rules and regulations on library use:

  1. Bonafide students of PnC must apply for a Borrower’s Card, which will serve as the pass for borrowing library materials. Such card is nontransferable.
  2. The borrower’s cared must be presented upon entrance in the circulation section of the library
  3. A fine of P15.00 shall be charged for a lost borrower’s card. Lost card will not be honored thereafter.
  4. The library implements an open-shelves system to make the library more accessible to the readers and users
  5. Fiction (pocketbooks) can be borrowed for a maximum of one (1) week and may be renewed when not in demand
  6. A student is responsible for every book borrowed. Lost book/s should be immediately reported to the librarian and be replaced accordingly.
  7. Cellphones, Ipods, beepers, and other similar gadgets should be turned off while inside the library.
  8. The following are strictly prohibited inside the library:

    1. Bringing out unborrowed books or materials
    2. Using someone else’s Borrower’s Card
    3. Vandalism and destroying library facilities
    4. Loitering, littering, and standing-by
    5. Loud talking and playing of music
    6. Eating, chewing, drinking, and sleeping, playing games (cards, electronic, etc.)