Statement of Policy

Pamantasan ng Cabuyao is committed to provide Internet Access in a professional work environment. To ensure everyone has the same right and respect, the University has instituted this university wide Internet Usage Policy.

This policy is intended to inform all the employees and students of the University the expectations and acceptable behaviors when using the Internet.

Anyone who uses the Internet are expected and required to follow this policy. The University will not tolerate unacceptable Internet behavior

This policy is not intended to impend the normal behavior among the employees, students of the University.

1. Scope of this Policy

It applies to everyone using the Internet in the University. It includes all employees, directors, deans, teachers, supervisors, and students.

2. Definitions

Internet Usage includes, but not limited to, the followings:

  • Email
  • Accessing Web Sites
  • Accessing News Group
  • Chat
  • Files sharing/upload/download
  • Telnet
3. Monitor Internet Usage

The University can monitor all Internet usages. All Internet activities can be logged for further review. This is to ensure that all Internet users will adhere to our policy.

4. Activities can be blocked

The University can and will block certain Internet activities that are deemed unsuitable and/or unacceptable.

5. University Purpose of internet

All Internet usages are meant generally for academic research purposes only and if necessary, official transactions sanctioned by the University that requires internet activities.

6. Activities not permitted

The following activities are deemed unproductive by the University and therefore NOT permitted:

  • Use foul/obscene/offensive language/material
  • Harassing, insulting others
  • Violation of laws (copyright and others)
  • Accessing sex/pornography/offensive and other improper materials
  • Hacking, damaging computers
  • Social networking activities
  • Misrepresenting yourself/facts or others
7. Objectionable Material

Users should not access/upload/download materials that are deemed objectionable to other students or employees. These include, but not limited to jokes, harassments or discrimination of a certain group of people based on:

  • Sex, Race, National Origin, Ethnic, Age
  • Physical Ability/Appearance
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Religion
  • Political Affiliation
  • Marital/Family/Social Status
  • Language or dialect
  • Disability
  • Medical Status/Conditions
  • Or any other action that is prohibited by law
8. Confidential/Sensitive Material

Users should not upload/save/send University’s confidential and/or sensitive material to the public or any locations that are considered not appropriate or insecure.

9. Liability

All students and employees are expected to adhere to this Internet Usage Policy. Internet misuse can result in suspension or termination internet usage or other disciplinary action. It may also be personal liability under civil or criminal law.