College of Arts and Sciences (cas)


The College of Arts and Sciences envisions itself to be the leading and competitive college in the field of liberals arts education and social services that advocates towards the development of the whole person, nurtures the intellectual maturity and moral integrity necessary to face the realities and challenges of a rapidly changing world. As the academic center and intellectual heart of the University, the College of Arts and Sciences assumes the responsibility of providing a liberal education for all students of Pamantasan ng Cabuyao.


The College of Arts and Sciences is committed, to increase knowledge of students in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, sharpen their skills and instill self-discipline for a more rewarding lifelong learning for useful membership and responsible leadership in society; productive and competent members of the local community, national society and the world at large and adhere to PnC’s Core Values of GENEROSITY.


The College of Arts and Sciences is driven by a candid desire to serve people who will achieve a reasonable level of well-being that will develop his utmost total personality imbued with high moral ascendancy, value- laden individual, committed, and exceedingly competent to unfold to the fullest his abilities, and eventually to share the fruits of his endeavor with the people whom he interacts with either locally, nationally and globally. The common aspiration of CAS is:

  • C – Commitment, Competence and Compassion
  • A – Access and Equity
  • S – Service to mankind


The College of Arts and Sciences shall:

  • Commit for the realization of the vision, mission and core values of GENEROSITY of Pamantasan ng Cabuyao
  • Produce multi-disciplinary professionals with focus on the fields of humanities literature arts and sciences who are competent in their field of specialization, critical of the issues that affect their lives and that of others and become judicious in making decisions.
  • Develop skills in critical thinking and necessary research orientation that is interdisciplinary in nature for expansion of knowledge and improvement in the quality of life of the community.
  • Develop professionals who are attuned to the signs of the times and who are determined to participate in the liberation efforts of the institution as it seeks to help the marginalized sectors of society.
  • Develop compassionate and inculcate social responsibility in the students through humane and responsive program for community services.

Academic Program

The College of Arts and Sciences offers Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

The program is meant to integrate the knowledge of human behavior and mental processes. It strives to establish a holistic approach to the development and enrichment of fully functioning individuals by helping them utilize their potentials to the fullest, and cultivate in them the field of specialization they want to pursue as to clinical, industrial and educational/guidance and counseling.

Adhering to the vision, mission and core values of Pamantasan ng Cabuyao and the College itself, this program seeks to produce competent, qualified and globally competitive individuals attuned to