Application for Leave of Absence

Students who for some reasons wish to interrupt their schooling may apply for Leave of Absence (LOA) at the Office of the Registrar.

The following are important documents that students applying for leave of absence have to submit:

  1. Student’s Letter of Intent duly signed by the parent / guardian
  2. LOA FORM accomplished by the student and signed by the DC and the college dean.
  3. Approved LOA must be accompanied by an accomplished STUDENT CLEARANCE and submitted to the Office of the Registrar within two (2) weeks from the start of classes for non-enrolled students and three (3) weeks before final examinations for enrolled students.

Absence without Leave (AWOL)

A student who has not officially registered and has not filed a Leave of Absence for the semester/s he was not enrolled, shall be considered AWOL. AWOL students do not enjoy the rights and privileges of officially enrolled students such as using the school facilities, joining university-sanctioned activities, and the likes.

Students who are AWOL for more than two (2) years or (4) consecutive semesters shall be considered permanently dismissed from the university. However, if he decides to go back to school, he should apply for readmission directly to the Board of Regents. The BOR shall be the sole body to decide on his case.