1. admission officeIssuance of Admission Card with Residency Classification and Course
2. college deanInterview
3. school clinicIssuance of Referral Slip for Medical Exam
4. cashierPayment for Medical Examination
5. ospital ng cabuyaoMedical Examination
6. school clinicIssuance of Medical Clearance
7. guidanceInterview and Issuance of Student Profile to filled up by student (3 copies)
8. registrarSubmit the following requirements needed. Wait for pre-registration form to be issued by registrar office with temporary student number.
9. college deanEnlistment and submission of Admission Card
10. accountingAssessment of Fees
11. cashierPayment
12. cooperative storePayment of ID and ID Lace
13. it departmentPictorial for ID and Profiling
14. college deanProfiling and Registration Form Verification
15. registrarHave your Registration Form Stamped as "ENROLLED"